Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dragosaur! Or Dinogron. Dragonsaurus?

Just a couple of things today. Sketchbook things.

Mmmm, sketchy.

Over the last couple weeks I've been slowing working away on a doodle on my sketchbook cover. Got a lot of dots in it. A lot of dots. Dear me. And a very tiny bit of photoshop editry, because there is only so much cardboard a persona can look at at one time.

Pffft. At at.
Photobucket And a few sketches I threw together all in one lump. You know, the usual. A couple moose, a slug cat... This really is supposed to be a little bit bigger, but sadly it got shrunk in the wash.

I did have a short couple seconds of animation from last semester. Been sitting on my computer for ages. It's still not uploading to youtube.

God damn it youtube. The second I figure you out you have to change.